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Revitalizing Remitbee: Transforming Cross-Border Money Transfers


Remitbee, a leading cross-border money transfer platform, embarked on a mission to elevate user experience through a comprehensive app redesign. This case study delves into the strategic process of reimagining the app, addressing pain points, and enhancing features to provide users with a seamless, secure, and efficient solution.

Problem Statement

The existing Remitbee app exhibited usability challenges, including a convoluted recipient addition process, ambiguous navigation, and unengaging onboarding. These issues hindered user experience and potentially limited user adoption and satisfaction.

Pain Points

  1. Complex Recipient Addition: The multi-step process for adding new recipients was convoluted, overwhelming users with sequential actions and uncertainty.
  2. Unclear Navigation: The lack of a clear menu structure and information hierarchy led to difficulties in locating features and services.
  3. Unengaging Onboarding: The existing onboarding experience failed to captivate users and convey the app’s value proposition effectively.

Analysis of Previous Design

While evaluating the previous design, we recognized the app’s positive aspects that resonated with users. Features like the pre-login currency rates provided valuable transparency, aiding informed decisions. Building upon this, we focused on preserving elements that worked well while addressing the identified pain points comprehensively.

Leveraging the Good and Improving the Rest:
Acknowledging the value of user familiarity, we integrated the successful aspects of the existing design into the new app. The revamped app retained the transparent currency rates and accessible transaction history, ensuring continuity for existing users. Simultaneously, we undertook substantial enhancements to streamline recipient addition, navigation, and onboarding experiences.

Research and Discovery

The journey towards Remitbee’s app redesign began with a comprehensive research and discovery phase, aimed at unraveling user needs, identifying pain points, and understanding their preferences. This crucial step involved an array of methodologies, including one-on-one interviews, surveys, and meticulous usability testing. The insights garnered from this phase became the bedrock upon which the redesign strategy was meticulously crafted.

  1. One-on-One Interviews: Illuminating Individual Experiences To delve deep into the minds of users, we conducted insightful one-on-one interviews. This approach allowed us to engage directly with users, giving them the platform to articulate their challenges, aspirations, and expectations. Their narratives shed light on real-life scenarios and highlighted pain points, offering a holistic view of their interactions with the existing app.
  2. Surveys: A Glimpse into Collective Sentiments Our survey approach cast a wider net, capturing sentiments from a diverse range of users. Participants shared their experiences, highlighting commonalities and disparities in their usage patterns. These quantitative insights helped us identify recurring pain points and features that resonated with users.
  3. Usability Testing: Uncovering User Frustrations and Delights Usability testing became the crucible for discovering how users interacted with the app in real-time. Participants were observed as they navigated the app, pinpointing moments of confusion, hesitation, and satisfaction. This hands-on approach unearthed nuances that might not have surfaced through other research methods.
  4. The Building Blocks of Redesign Strategy: Insights in Action The culmination of these research efforts formed the cornerstone of our redesign strategy. Pain points, whether they revolved around convoluted recipient addition or unclear navigation, were addressed with precision. User preferences, such as the desire for transparent exchange rates and seamless transactions, were woven into the fabric of the new design.

User Persona:

The primary user persona, Nikunj Patel, a 23-year-old student at Humber College, was identified. Nikunj’s need to send money to his family in India highlighted the importance of efficiency and user-friendliness in the redesign.

Welcome To A Sneak Peek Of Our Solution

A concise preview presented in the form of a prototype video. Witness firsthand the embodiment of our innovative approach and creative ingenuity.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the intricacies and finer points, we invite you to simply scroll down for a comprehensive and detailed exploration. Your journey into the heart of our solution awaits.

Design Iterations

A cross-functional work of UX/UI designers, developers, and security specialists was done to ideate and iterate on the new design. I emphasized key features, including:

  1. Live Currency Rates Pre-Login: Providing users with transparent exchange rate information upfront.
  2. Single-Page Recipient Addition: Simplifying a previously complex process.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures: Implementing Face ID and OTP verification for advanced user protection.

Low Fidelity Screens

I embarked on creating wireframes that served as the blueprint for the revamped app. Starting with the homepage, wireframes depicted the integration of real-time currency rates for transparency and immediate user value. The recipient addition process was meticulously designed step-by-step, optimizing user flow and eliminating complexity. Transaction history was organized chronologically, ensuring clarity in financial tracking. These wireframes offer a strategic blueprint that outlines the essential structural elements, functional components, and user interactions of the new app without delving into intricate visual details.

High Fidelity Screens

The high fidelity screens of the redesigned Remitbee app are a testament to the culmination of user insights, design expertise, and technical precision. These screens bring to life the meticulously crafted user interface, capturing the essence of efficiency, transparency, and security.

  1. Flash Screen: Captivating Users from the Start
    The redesigned Remitbee app begins with a captivating flash screen that showcases its standout features. This impactful introduction immediately informs users about the app’s offerings, setting the tone for their cross-border money transfer journey.

2. Home Screen: Empowering with Information
The home screen prominently displays live currency rates pre-login, providing users with transparent and up-to-date exchange rate information. Users can seamlessly proceed to the login/signup options, enabling easy access to their accounts.

3. Recipient Addition: Streamlined and Intuitive
Navigating to the recipient addition section reveals a single-page interface that streamlines the process. Users are guided through the required steps, ensuring clarity and minimizing confusion.

4. Smooth Transactions: Effortless Experience
High fidelity screens depicting seamless transaction flows reflect the user-centric approach, ensuring that users can effortlessly complete their money transfers.

Prototype and Testing

With user insights as our guide, multiple prototypes were meticulously crafted, each representing an iteration of the new app design. Through user testing, participants interacted with these prototypes, offering invaluable feedback that fueled iterative refinements. Pain points, such as complex recipient addition, were addressed, resulting in streamlined processes. This dynamic cycle of testing, feedback incorporation, and refinement yielded a user-centric design that prioritized usability and efficiency. The prototypes evolved with each iteration, aligning with user needs and preferences. Ultimately, the prototype and testing phase played a pivotal role in shaping the final Remitbee app, resonating with users and delivering an exceptional experience.


The redesigned Remitbee app showcased substantial improvements:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Users reported a seamless and intuitive navigation experience, reducing confusion.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The streamlined recipient addition process reduced user effort and saved time.
  3. Boosted Confidence: Advanced security measures like Face ID and OTP verification bolstered users’ confidence in the app’s safety.
  4. Informed Decision-Making: The “Live Currency Rates Pre-Login” feature empowered users with transparent exchange rate information, aiding informed transfers.